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The World is living far away from the Lord’s Heart. However we have received for commission to change the World With the Power of Love and Prayer… One Person at a Time… and It starts here, now… by praying for these news…

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  • Anne Graham Lotz's Son Jonathan Out of ICU, Begins Rehab After COVID Battle July 30, 2021
    Friends of the Billy Graham family across the globe are rejoicing with the news from Anne Graham Lotz that her son and Billy Graham's grandson, Jonathan Lotz, has moved out of ICU and will begin rehab after a serious battle with COVID-19. His mother posted her praise on Facebook, quoting a poem her mother, Ruth […]
  • Why Now Is the Time to Pray for Cuba and End Ideology of Communism July 30, 2021
    As President Joe Biden wrestles over whether to end the United States' embargo against Cuba—which originated in 1958 but was augmented several times until 1962 when it was extended to include almost all imports—the island nation 90 miles from Key West, Florida continues to see unrest. Now is the time to pray. In December 2019, […]
  • Spirit-Filled Pastor: At What Point Does the Church Take a Stand? July 29, 2021
    At what point does the church take a stand? Thank God for people like John MacArthur, Rob McCoy, Jack Hibbs, Ken Graves and others who are fanning the flames of boldness. I believe that if some churches don't require wearing masks, they won't open at all, especially once flu season arrives as those who have […]
  • America's Return to First Amendment Rights Will Take 'Grassroots Movement,' Sam Brownback Says July 29, 2021
    As the cancel culture rises, and the political left gains control, Americans' First Amendment rights seem all but forgotten. Former Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, who also served as a U.S. senator and as the ambassador for religious freedom under the Trump administration, says we can bring them back—but it will take what he calls "a […]
  • The Coming Convergence of Revival Streams Will Showcase God's Powerful Glory July 29, 2021
    As I attempt to wrap my mind around what God is doing in the earth in the last days through many different streams of ministries, I am reminded of Habakkuk 2:14 that says, "For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the seas." The […]
  • Radical Pastor: 'If You Show Up With a Mask, I'll Ask You to Leave' July 29, 2021
    Greg Locke, senior pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Nashville, hasn't been timid about his thoughts on the government's position on lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has repeatedly called COVID a hoax and has refused to comply with government mandates from public health officials. This past Sunday, he took his defiance further and […]
  • Harvest to Host Virtual Women's Conference Featuring All-Star Lineup July 29, 2021
    Harvest's Women's Ministry will host its 2021 Women's Conference online via Harvest at Home beginning this Friday, July 30-31, featuring speakers Cathe Laurie, Jackie Hill Perry and Christine Caine. This two-day virtual conference will include sessions Friday at 5 p.m. and Saturday at 9 a.m. PST with worship music and a message. "I know the […]
  • How This Child Taught Her Mother That Spiritual Sight Is Not Just for Adults July 29, 2021
    "She's me on steroids." Many parents say words like this about their children. But not all their children can see in the spirit like Rebecca Greenwood's oldest daughter, Kendall, now 30. Greenwood, of Christian Harvest International, tells Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of the Greenelines podcast, that she wants to encourage other parents […]
  • Mike Lindell Predicts 'Greatest Uniting of Our Country' in Speech at ReAwaken America's Anaheim Stop July 29, 2021
    Clay Clark knew his first event, held April 21, 2021 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, then called the Health and Freedom Conference, would have a big impact. His plan all along has been to awaken the American people to the truth about many issues currently plaguing America and, by extension, people around the world. Yet even he […]
  • Why the Veterans Affairs COVID Shot Mandate Violates the Law July 29, 2021
    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) sent an email to all employees mandating that all its health care personnel receive the COVID-19 shots. The mandate gives each employee eight weeks to comply, and employees will receive four hours of paid administrative leave after demonstrating they have gotten the shot. Since the mandate was issued, Liberty […]
  • Eric Gilmour Addresses the Beauty of Living in Childlikeness July 29, 2021
    Childlikeness is a common theme within the life and teachings of Jesus. He taught that if we don't receive the kingdom of God as a child, then it is impossible to even enter the kingdom of heaven in the first place. Jesus pulled children to Himself and used them as examples of what the Father […]
  • CN Morning Rundown: Iranian Defector Dedicates Olympic Medal to Israel July 29, 2021
    Here's a quick summary of the top stories on Iranian Defector Dedicates Olympic Medal to Israel Shortly after winning a silver medal in Judo at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday, Iranian defector Saeid Mollaei dedicated the award to Israel. Mollaei represented Mongolia in the men's -81Kg division, losing the gold to Japan's Takanori Nagase. […]
  • Despite Vaccination, Max Lucado Tests Positive for COVID July 28, 2021
    Christian author and preacher Max Lucado says he recently tested positive for COVID-19 despite vaccination. Lucado said on social media: "Groan. Covid found me. Tested positive yesterday. Was planning to preach today @oakhillschurch and go with some guys on epic golf trip to Ireland tomorrow. Turns out it's me in a downstairs room with aches, […]
  • How the Politicizing of COVID Has Become a Deadly Game July 28, 2021
    I just lost another friend to COVID, this time, a 69-year-old father and grandfather, an elder in my home congregation, as faithful a Christian man as you will find. He joins the list of other friends and colleagues in the States who have died in the last year from COVID-related complications, along with an even […]
  • Online Influencer Prays for Healing—And It Happens Live on Screen July 28, 2021
    Pastor and social media influencer Jacob Coyne, from Vancouver, Washington, uses his phone to reach people for Jesus. He logs on to his Instagram account, goes live and shares from the Bible, bringing encouragement and praying for people during his live streaming sessions. On July 27, Coyne opened his Bible to Matthew 28, pressed the […]
  • Don't Look Now, but This Iconic Magazine Now Sports a Transgender Cover Model July 28, 2021
    "I'm proudly choosing to live forever!" boosted transgender model Leyna Bloom, who now displays more than a face on the cover of the celebrated Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Don't glance a second time passing through your supermarket checkout line. This "groundbreaking" cover model is the first transgender to appear in this spot. Historian Edward Gibbon […]
  • Canadian Churches Are Burning, but Where Is the Outrage? July 28, 2021
    In late May, nearly 215 unmarked graves were found near a boarding school for Indigenous children in Ontario, Canada. Since then, more than 50 churches have been vandalized, desecrated or burned to the ground. Yet, according to National Post columnist Rex Murphy, nobody in the Canadian government seems to care, most of all about Christians. […]
  • Cancel Culture: Where Does the Church Go From Here? July 28, 2021
    My longtime friend, Ché Ahn, senior pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California, and apostle of Harvest International Ministry, a global network of over 25,000 affiliated churches and ministries, since the 1980s has been praying for and preaching about the need for revival to come afresh to America. Little did he know that part […]
  • WATCH: Jonathan Cahn Reveals the Prophetic Picture of Jesus Found in Song of Songs July 28, 2021
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, bestselling author of The Harbinger II and many more titles, presents a new teaching, "In the Shadow of the Tree," in this video from Hope of the World Ministries. He speaks from the Song of Songs, pointing to the book's unusual nature and revealing the spiritual realm of this famous love song […]
  • The Word the Lord Gave Me Was 'Multiply': Daniel Kolenda Talks Missions Mandate, Orlando Church Plant and Great End-Times Harvest July 28, 2021
    Daniel Kolenda knows what ministry success looks like. But rather than resting on the past, the fiery world-renowned evangelist and successor to Reinhard Bonnke at Christ for all Nations is moving into the future with Holy Spirit power—and a God-ordained mandate. "At CfaN, we've seen more than 80 million people come to Christ over the […]