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The World is living far away from the Lord’s Heart. However we have received for commission to change the World With the Power of Love and Prayer… One Person at a Time… and It starts here, now… by praying for these news…

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  • Las Vegas Pro-Life Students Sue High School for Violating First Amendment Rights October 1, 2022
    A group of pro-life students at a Las Vegas high school are taking their school and school district to federal court over violations of their First Amendment rights. Thomas More Society attorneys filed a complaint on September 29, 2022, in Nevada's United States District Court against East Career and Technical Academy and the Clark County […]
  • How Christians Can Help In the Wake of Hurricane Ian Destruction October 1, 2022
    Read Time: 2 minutes 1 second Many areas across Florida have been completely destroyed following Hurricane Ian. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is deploying teams to help clear debris and minister to those who need prayer. The hurricane made landfall as a Category 4 storm on the island of Cayo Costa near Fort Myers. Millions […]
  • Michael Youssef: How You Can Prepare for Christ's Return October 1, 2022
    If you do an internet search asking questions such as "What does the Bible teach about hell?" some of the first few results will be from false teachers. Here are the titles of webpages that popped up at the top of my search: "Hell Is Not a Biblical Concept." "Jesus Christ Did Not Teach or […]
  • Top of the Week: The World Is Watching: Speculation of Sept. 24 Catastrophic Event Sends Many Into Panic October 1, 2022
    Following are snippets of the top stories posted over the past week on We encourage you to visit the links to read the stories in full. The World Is Watching: Speculation of September 24 Catastrophic Event Sends Many Into Panic Speculation of a catastrophic or world-changing event to happen on Sept. 24 has gone […]
  • Suicide Bomber Attacks Kabul Education Center Killing 30 September 30, 2022
    Read Time: 2 minutes 10 seconds A suicide bomber attacked a school in Kabul, Afghanistan Friday killing at least 30 people most of which were young women. Around 600 girls were crowded together in the building preparing for a test when the bomber struck the educational center. The bomb went off Friday morning at the […]
  • Christian Healthcare Worker Fired and Condemned by Hospital for Beliefs September 30, 2022
    Read time: 3 minutes 40 seconds The American workplace is increasingly hostile towards Christians these days. Companies are becoming more aggressive towards those who hold certain religious beliefs, and target their workers who practice those beliefs. This was made evident during the COVID pandemic when certain workers, many in the healthcare field who were initially […]
  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's 'God Loves You' Tour Sees Mass Salvations September 30, 2022
    Read Time: 2 Minutes, 14 Seconds Natural disasters, financial despair, pandemics, a deep political party division over cultural issues—indeed the enemy is working overtime to keep people discouraged and in darkness. Evangelist Franklin Graham, however, says there is a solution, if only believers and non-believers alike will die to self and surrender their lives to […]
  • WATCH: Gen. Michael Flynn Says Governors Have Power to Start New American Revolution September 30, 2022
    Read Time: 1 minute 50 seconds Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's words in a campaign speech in Arizona has gone viral across social media recently. During his remarks, he made comments that could imply a potential war between states. Although he didn't outright use the words civil war at the campaign event for Arizona Secretary […]
  • Red Heifer Sacrifice Could Take Place in One Year in Jerusalem September 30, 2022
    Read time: 5 minutes 6 seconds The sacrifice of a red heifer could take place on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem as early as 13 months from now. Texas businessman Byron Stinson—the man instrumental in locating and helping get five red heifers from the United States to Israel—told ALL ISRAEL NEWS that finding the […]
  • Retired Pentecostal Pastor: Voters Must Decide on Medieval 'Anytime Abortions' September 30, 2022
    The recent Roe v. Wade reversal by the U.S. Supreme Court in June returned the issue of abortion to the individual states. Kansas was the first state to vote on the issue in its August primary, where an initiative to allow greater restrictions on abortion was not upheld. Now, in November's midterm elections, four states […]
  • Orlando Megachurch Pastor: Florida Will Pull Through 'By the Grace of God' September 30, 2022
    The city of Orlando may not be on the Florida coast, but it was directly in the path of Hurricane Ian, enduring flooding and powerful winds. As the city begins to clean up from the storm, a local pastor is encouraging those who are facing life's storms. The winds have been howling and the rain […]
  • Will Many of the Elect Really Be Deceived by the Antichrist? September 30, 2022
    The most sobering and troubling statement in the Olivet Discourse is where Jesus says, "For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect" (Matt. 24:24). This statement cries out for an explanation. What does Jesus mean when He says, "to deceive, if possible, […]
  • Joseph Mattera: 7 Traits of the Sown Life September 30, 2022
    Paul said he was a "drink offering." This meant that he offered his very life, spirit, soul, and body, to the Lord and to His church as a "living sacrifice" (Num. 15:4-10; 2 Tim. 4:6; Rom. 12:1-2). He also said he not only "spent" but "was spent" for the gospel (2 Cor. 12:15). When you […]
  • Morning Rundown: Iranians Continue to Fight Back Against Leaders for Death of Mahsa Amini September 30, 2022
    Here's a quick summary of the top stories on Iranians Continue to Fight Back Against Leaders for Death of Mahsa Amini Since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, protests across Iran haven't died down. Now Iranian Christians around the world are joining the movement, denouncing the death of Amini who reportedly died at the […]
  • Sean Feucht's Documentary 'Superspreader' Hits Theaters Tonight September 29, 2022
    Read Time: 1 minute 42 seconds The documentary on the rise of the 'Let Us Worship' movement is hitting theaters across America tonight, for one night only. Sean Feucht's new movie "Superspreader" will be in 528 theaters across America with the powerful story of revival that flowed after the government tried to restrict churches from […]
  • CNN Attacks Christianity Amid 'Rapture Anxiety' and 'Religious Trauma' Claims September 29, 2022
    Read time: 3 minutes 6 seconds Since the spread of Christianity and the formation of Christian churches, many individuals have ended up being hurt by the church. In some cases, the church has not been standing on biblical principles and that has led to traumatic experiences for those on the receiving end. These events have […]
  • We Are Small, But We Matter to God September 29, 2022
    As a devastating hurricane strikes Florida, I am reminded of how very small we humans are, despite our boasting and our pride. Let's put aside for a moment just how tiny our planet is in the overall scheme of things, not amounting to a dot in the unfathomably large Milky Way, which is just one […]
  • Iranians Continue to Fight Back Against Leaders for Death of Mahsa Amini September 29, 2022
    Read Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds Since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, protests across Iran haven't died down. Now Iranian Christians around the world are joining the movement, denouncing the death of Amini who reportedly died at the hands of Iranian authorities for not wearing a hijab properly. "We are all together regardless of […]
  • Fox Anchor: 'God Wanted Me to Be Bold and Share the Gospel' September 29, 2022
    "Fox & Friends" co-anchor Ainsley Earhardt has become a familiar face in TV news, but her children's books are also inspiring kids and families to see God's power in their lives. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give […]
  • 'State of Theology' Reveals A Falling Away from Biblical Truths September 29, 2022
    John 14:6 says, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." Jesus rightfully claimed His place as Truth. His words are true, as are the words found within the Christian Bible. That is why it is so disturbing to view the results of 2022's 'State […]