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The World is living far away from the Lord’s Heart. However we have received for commission to change the World With the Power of Love and Prayer… One Person at a Time… and It starts here, now… by praying for these news…

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  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy of Hope, Inspiration Endures Today January 19, 2021
    The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. left a legacy of hope and inspiration that continues 53 years after his assassination. In President Donald Trump's proclamation to honor King, he said, "Dr. King described our Constitution and Declaration of Independence as promissory notes left by our Founding Fathers for 'every American to fall heir.' His […]
  • Virtual Performance of Gaithers' 'The Church Triumphant' Crosses Racial, Geographic Divides January 18, 2021
    The church is about as silent as God is. And believers whose hope is in the living Lord of lords know that even when we can't see or hear Him, He is still moving and speaking. In this spirit, renowned musicians Bill and Gloria Gaither have teamed up with Michael W. Smith and the likes […]
  • Religious Rights Victory for Idaho Church Deacon Arrested While Singing in Parking Lot January 18, 2021
    Thomas More Society attorneys achieved victory for a Moscow, Idaho, church deacon who was wrongly arrested Sept. 23, 2020, for singing maskless at a church-sponsored "Psalm Sing" in the Moscow City Hall parking lot. On Jan. 9, 2021, the Idaho District Court signed the order dismissing charges against Gabriel Rench, one of three people arrested […]
  • National Faith Leaders Pay Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. January 18, 2021
    National faith leaders issue the following statements honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference "This year Martin Luther King Jr. Day feels especially sacred. These are pivotal days that will be remembered for generations to come. As we collectively suffer through a pandemic, social unrest, […]
  • How Missionary Bruce Olson Still Sees the Gospel's Power Changing Lives Today January 18, 2021
    Bruce Olson's story of how, at age 19, he bought a one-way ticket to Colombia and ultimately became a missionary to an unreached people group, the Motilone, is legendary. Not only did it become a bestselling book, Bruchko (the way the Motilone pronounce "Bruce"), but a 2017 movie as well. Olson himself, who turns 80 […]
  • Jonathan Cahn of 'The Harbinger II: The Return' Asks: 'Has America Passed the Point of No Return?' January 18, 2021
    Jonathan Cahn is known the world over for his latest book, The Harbinger II: The Return, as well as for his previous narratives of biblical prophecy and power—several of which are right now appearing simultaneously on the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) Bestsellers list, as well as on other prominent bestseller lists. Cahn is greatly […]
  • Why a Biden Presidency Could Be Good for the Church January 18, 2021
    (Author's Note: I wrote this on Dec. 11, 2020, during a one-week prayer retreat alone in Texas, but I have waited to release the article until now. With the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6 and the loss of Republican power in the Senate on Jan. 5, every line that now follows is now […]
  • Second 'Pray on MLK' Event Pursues Reconciliation Ahead of Inauguration January 18, 2021
    While COVID-19 has spoiled some public events on the national Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday today, pursuing God in prayer is a priority for many. August 2020 heralded a nationwide prayer event where participants gathered around Martin Luther King Jr. monuments, boulevards, memorials and streets, turning them into altars of prayer, worship and the […]
  • This Pastor Might Have Died in the Emanuel AME Shooting—But God January 18, 2021
    It seemed like a normal conversation between a husband and wife. The Rev. Anthony Thompson's wife, Myra, was leading her first Bible study at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and he planned to attend. "We're more than just the Bobbsey twins," Anthony, pastor of a neighboring church, Holy Trinity Reformed Episcopal, tells Dr. […]
  • Salvation, Miracles Overflow as Murillo Tent Revival Takes Aim at Satan January 18, 2021
    California: A state where COVID-19 has run rampant, with nearly 3 million recorded cases to date. California: A state where Gov. Gavin Newsom has done his best to shut down churches and worship indoors and out while supporting those who gathered in the streets to riot. California: A state touched by the life-changing power of […]
  • MLK's Successor on the Mountaintop Shares Same Vision a Half-Century Later January 18, 2021
    As we commemorate what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King's 92nd birthday today, it's important to celebrate him and his life, and recall the significance of what was perhaps his second most famous speech, which was also his last, as he was assassinated the next day. Some ascribe a prophetic element to what's known […]
  • Watch: An Urgent Statement Regarding President Trump and Our Current Crisis January 18, 2021
    Watch and listen to this specially prepared video statement from cultural commentator and author Larry Tomczak, bringing perspective to the critical situation we've been facing these past days. It will enable you to understand clearly what's happening, plus how you can pray specifically for the situation.
  • CN Morning Rundown: Dr. James Dobson Asks, 'Where Do We Go From Here?' January 18, 2021
    Here's a quick summary of the top stories on Dr. James Dobson: Where Do We Go From Here? These are momentous and dangerous days for our country and its people. When I last wrote to you in late December, this was my opening statement: "America faces the possibility of catastrophic change. By the time […]
  • Francis Chan Issues Rare Warning to Churches About Pursuing Spiritual Gifts January 18, 2021
    In a recent sermon, Francis Chan told his church that he needed to issue a word of caution about pursuing the spiritual gifts. That's not to say they're not important or vital; in fact, Chan says he designed his church so that as many people as possible could operate in the gifts. Then he says […]
  • Prophecy: The Church Must Repent for Not Walking in the Kingdom of Heaven January 17, 2021
    As Pentecost is approaching and churches all over the world will be celebrating the revival of the Spirit, the Lord impressed upon my heart a few things we need to keep in mind so that fire revival is not just a day but a movement. As Christians, we want to see our world transformed by […]
  • Leonard Ravenhill's Son: Why Does the Church Obsess Over Jezebel? January 17, 2021
    I graduated from Bible School in 1964 and have been in full-time ministry ever since. For the first 30 years of ministry I barely heard the name Jezebel mentioned; but all that changed about 20 years or so ago. Jezebel suddenly became the queen of spirits, spiraling to the top of the charts in record […]
  • Prophetic Dream for God's Humble Ones: 'Prepare for Enlarged Territory' January 17, 2021
    Before retiring to bed a few nights ago, I asked the Lord to allow me to dream with Him that night. It's not often that I make this request, as God frequently uses this medium of communication to speak to me. Once I fell asleep, I began to see a lofty structure that was failing […]
  • 3 Power-Packed Scriptures to Pray Over Your Kids and Grandkids January 17, 2021
    Whether they are toddlers, teens or adults, your kids need prayer. You may not have kids, but you might have nieces, nephews or friends' kids who desperately need prayer. Or you might have "spiritual children" you have mentored. Are you willing to take time to cover them in prayer? One of the best practices you […]
  • What Happens When a Satanist Comes to Church? January 17, 2021
    When you do the work of the kingdom, you're sure to make a few enemies, as Francis Frangipane learned the hard way. "You're such a nice guy, I find it hard to understand how you had thousands of witches and warlocks fasting and praying and cursing you," Sid Roth says as he interviews Frangipane. "But […]
  • How to Birth a Move of God January 17, 2021
    There is a book I have in my library that is a favorite of mine which I often refer to called, Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room, written by the late Kenneth E. Hagin. I attended Brother Hagin's Bible school back in the 1980s when there was a move of God. He was a man of […]