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The best thing i have done in life was giving my life to christ .and also becoming a member of kingdom of heaven and prayer ministries You have been such a blessing 🌹🌹🌹

Edwean Mumba

It has been a great pleasure and honor to watch this ministry grow from the early days until now. Many times your posts have spoken to me and brought encouragement, nourishment and peace from the word of God. As the Lord has blessed you with a ministry that is Spirit filled and anointed, I have seen others be as blessed as I have been by your faithfulness to God and adherence to His word. I pray that the Lord will continue to use you and grow your ministry so that others will be drawn to Him and be saved. God bless you, my brother and your precious family always.

Marty Box

Pastor Joseph and his wife Michelle share a love for the Lord that is infectious and the truth. Such a beautiful anointed couple who want to share the word with everyone they encounter. For a real outpouring of the Holy spirit come on over to KOHP Ministries!!

Lisa Leonard

I’m always blessed by the message that is brought forward , the opportunity to watch this ministry unfold and become as prudent as it is ,is amazing! I’m thankful for there obedience to God . and look forward to a continued ministry of kingdom building .continue to preach in season and out! Your ministry is a blessing !

Sandra Porter Givens

Awesome ministry of God for the end time harvest!!! This ministry carries the fire of revival and already God is moving in miracles, signs and wonders. I can’t wait to see what God does next.

Mariame Coulibaly

I enjoy the fact that Paster Joseph is a man of God and we agree on so many aspects of the Word. I’m sure there are things we have slight disagreement on, and we have never let it separate us from God or each other. We behave as son’s of God.

Paul Walton

What an anointed man n woman of God! This ministry is blessed of God and touches everyone who attends. They believe in sharing the unadulterated word of God!

Jeraldine Leonard

Anointed ministry!! Seeking after God, worshipping in spirit and truth!

Matthew Edwards

KOHP Ministries is awesome. Pastor Israel and his wife are an amazing anointed couple with a great love for the Lord and his people.

Karen Hewitt

Pastor and his Wife are a great spiritual blessing to the ministry and theres nothing in Gods word you won’t get from them.They are fire and may God continue to bless them and baby girl Abbey.

Mike Leonard

I praise God for the heart and consistency of my brother and sister Prophet Joseph and Lady Michelle Israel. May you continue to teach the word of God and reach the people in love. God bless you and love you.

Fabianna AndersonEvangelist

I had such a blessed time at Friday Night service! If you are looking for a real outpouring of the Holy Spirit, come to Kingdom of Heaven and Prayers Ministries.

Natasha Billups

Pastor Israel and Lady Michelle are Holy Ghost filled Jesus loving dynamic ministers who do not shy away from preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ with love and compassion. If you are hungry and thirsty for Jesus this is the place to be. Your life will be greatly transformed to not only desern your God given purpose on earth but also to one that goes hard after God’s own heart. Jesus owns this house.

Pricy Muriithi

One of my worst nights, I ended up here. I found peace to sleep. Thank you very much

Azaria Molobela

Wonderful, Spirit filled, God centered people who want to do nothing, but share the truth about Jesus, and be light for His Kingdom!

Kristen Pippin

I truly believe that God orders our steps and I know mine were ordered the moment I arrived at KOHP! The heart connection is unexplainable, yet God ordained. ♡ The Lord Jesus is honored in this place and adored above all else! Holy Spirit resides there. This place invests in those who visit and then sends them out as investments into the earth for the Kingdom mandate to harvest God’s inheritance! If you need refreshing…to come away with God… I know a place. ♡

Stacey BlubaughMinister | Worshipper

This man of God does not shy away from any topic. If it’s in the Bible, he’s going to talk about it. We have had some deeper conversations and he has always rightly divided the Word of Truth. (2Tim.2:15) Even when he didn’t agree, he never made me feel inadequate in those conversations, just gently guided. He is humble in spirit and Mighty in the Lord. He treats others as better than himself and loves his wife and family well. I’ve seen him lean on Christ in his own life and walk out what he preaches. This ministry is not for show or the eyeservice of man, but is born out of a heart of LOVE for others. “not by the way of eye-service, as people-pleasers, but as bondservants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart, rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man,” Ephesians 6:6‭-‬7

Kathryn Jackson

May this couple be blessed richly for serving the Lord with all their hearts, body and spirit. You both have been a blessing to me and my family!

Ma Clarish Tatum

Divine Kingdom Connections are being made in this hour to advance God’s kingdom in all His fullness! This ministry carries God’s power and anointing to establish the kingdom and equip the saints for the work of the ministry. These dear people were instant family the day I met them. This ministry is blessed of the Lord and will be very influential in this region in the years to come. Get ready for a Holy Ghost invasion for this ministry touches heaven to bring God’s answers down into your life ! They are the real deal !

David LeboProphet Tidal Wave Ministries

Oh how LOVE this precious beautiful couple and their LOVE for the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s 👑 This ministry and couple are divinely annointed, filled to over flowing with love and power of the Holy Spirit, have the glory of God poured out and manifested in their lives, put God first in all their ways, and live their lives to bring as many into God’s Kingdom as possible. It is an honor and privilege to call you brother and sister💖May God continue to be magnified and glorified through your humble and obedient lives

Stacie Pales


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