So that you know...

Having accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord God and Savior and recognizing that certain duties can be performed best in a fellowship, we covenant to walk together as members of Christ’s – KOHP CHURCH. We believe it to be the mission of KOHP CHURCH and its Ministries to proclaim His Gospel to all mankind and to strive for the realization of the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, as members of the KOHP Ministries, we will endeavor to understand one another and to strengthen each other in all trials of life

We promise: to work and pray for our church, the nations and The Kingdom of God; to attend its meetings; to contribute regularly to its support and to the world outreach of The Word; to study the Bible and to develop and maintain a program of Christian Education; to encourage our Leaders by our prayers and to accept quietly the decisions of the Holy Spirit.

We, furthermore, covenant together to give a good witness for Jesus Christ in our daily occupations; and recognizing our duties of Christian citizenship we will cooperate with other churches and agencies against all forms of evil.

May the power of the Holy Spirit enable us to do all things to the Glory of God, our Father. Amen.